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Trustana's solution is very powerful and flexible, exactly what we need to scale our business. We thought we were using the best-in-class eCommerce systems which we implemented 5 years ago, but after seeing Trustana's solution, I can confidently say that technology has moved very quickly and what we are using is now way behind.

Daphne Ho
Business Development Manager

Company Background

Over the past 150+ years, Vallen, a leading provider of indirect industrial suppliers, has offered world-class technical services and products to businesses. Specializing in Professional Products and Services (PPS) and in the distribution of Maintenance, Repair and Operation products (MRO) and safety equipment, Vallen has been recognized for excellence as a trusted supplier and partner by clients like BAE Systems, Raytheon, and John Deere.


New Year, New Customers, New Sales Channels

Historically a trusted service provider to enterprises, Vallen Asia was seeking to expand their customer base to small & medium-sized businesses, planning to strengthen their eCommerce operations in order to grow sales in a scalable manner. Vallen Asia had two major challenges:

Challenge 1: Missing detailed product information. Vallen's products span 18 categories, from cutting tools, electrical tools, protective equipment to general supplies for businesses - and each product requires different specifications to be highlight to customers so they can make an informed purchasing decision. Vallen's suppliers do not provide them with the info in a digital format and sometimes don't provide info at all.

Challenge 2: Limited resources. Vallen Asia had limited resources to manage the product listing process and thus were only able to list ~20% of their product catalog online.

The push for eCommerce growth was going to take longer than they wanted.

“We know eCommerce is the key to driving scalable growth, but it was taking us way too long to get our site to where we needed it to be.”


A transformed online shopping experience

Although Vallen Asia already had a robust ERP and PIM (product information management) system, they engaged Trustana to assist them with the data enrichment, preparation, and transformation steps. Starting with sparse data about each product (just an image and name), Trustana’s platform was able to populate 60+ product specification attributes across products spanning 18 categories in less than two days.

With enriched product content, Vallen is now able to

1) Provide a better shopping experience to its customers

2) Launch new SKUs at scale at a faster pace

3) Improve product-level SEO to drive better traffic

With Trustana’s innovative solution, Vallen Asia has taken a giant leap towards delivering best-in-class online experience for their customers.

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