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Optimised for the food & beverage industry
We're designed and built with F&B buyers and suppliers in mind - from categorisation to product details, you can find the best matched products effortlessly
Find products from trusted, pre-screened suppliers
80%+ manufacturers
1+ certificate per product
Actively trading internationally in the last 6 months
Free samples available locally
On-demand, managed end-to-end sourcing service to mee your needs
Shipping consolidation from multiple suppliers
Custom clearance assistance
No upfront cost: pay us only when a transaction is confirmed. Limited Time Offer - 1.5% service fee on total trade value, capped at US$1,000 (original price: 8%)
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Success stories from Trustana buyers
“Trustana was very helpful in finding a manufacturer and managing the relationship end to end. With their expertise, they helped us find a curated supplier, saving us a lot of time and effort.”
Buyer from Singapore
Key features
Search for products from verifiable suppliers
Take a look at business information, lead time, production capacity, and more
Find certified suppliers & products
View company-level and product-level food certifications and inspection reports
Contact suppliers directly
Directly communicate with potential suppliers - there's no middleman to block your conversations
Request local samples
We stock local samples from select top suppliers - request and receive them in no time
How much does Trustana cost to use?
Currently, the use of Trustana is completely free of charge for buyers.
What kind of companies use Trustana?
Our customers range from small mom-and-pop shops to extra-large SMEs. We serve manufacturers, distributers, and retailers. If you are interested in importing food, we are confident we can help.
How do I know that the companies on Trustana are real?
We utilise third-party providers to ensure that all companies registered with us are legitimate businesses. You can rest assured that all Trustana customers are real companies with a strong interest in international trading!
Can I register as both a buyer and a supplier?
We are planning on expanding our supplier base soon! If you are interested in being a supplier as well as a buyer, drop us a line at support@trustana.com
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With international supplier coverage, support from an extensive network of local experts, and a community of verified suppliers, we are confidence we can help you succeed.
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