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Spice up your Mala game today!

Mala, or "numbing spice", is a fragrant pepper flavor originating from Chongqing, China. In 2020, Southeast Asia (and in particular Singapore) saw a surge in demand for this addictive and unique taste in the form of instant noodles, hotpot soup base, and snack seasonings.

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Angry Panda Spicy Sour Noodles (Cup) 218g

Min. order
20 Units

Angry Panda Spicy Sesame Crisps 120g

Min. order
30 Units

Angry Panda Spicy and Sour Golden Seafood Hotpot Soup 400g

Min. order
20 Units

Angry Panda Self Heating Tomato Vegetarian Pot

Min. order
20 Units

Puffed fried dough twist with Barbecue flavor

Min. order
30 Units

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Trustana has been very helpful, enabling Gushcloud to source directly from the suppliers in China. The entire process was smooth and hassle free, we are also pleased with the responsiveness of the service team!!! Props to the Trustana team for helping iron out the kinks! 100% will recommend again and here's to more collaborations!

Caleb, Merchandiser @ Gushcloud

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