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The first connected product experience platform. Your personalised product suite.​

An AI-native product data solution designed for modern commerce

Intelligent Data Harmonization and Unification

Automatically consolidate and harmonize product data from various sources
Easily define and manage custom intelligent attributes and customer-centered taxonomies specific to your industry or business
Ensure a single source of truth for all your product information

Personalized AI Solutions

Develop custom AI models and tools tailored to your unique business needs and workflows
Integrate company-specific knowledge and best practices into AI-powered product management
Personalize and automate product data enrichment, ensuring consistency with your brand voice and guidelines

AI-Assisted Enrichment and Optimization

Enhance product descriptions, titles, and keywords using AI-generated suggestions that match your brand guidelines and taxonomy rules
Optimize product content for improved searchability, discoverability, and conversion rates
Use recommended customer-centered taxonomy that includes natural language product tags and, technical specs and usage information

AI-Powered Digital Asset Management

Centralize and manage all your product-related digital assets in one place
Use image automation tools to edit images, including image reformatting, background editing, image tagging, and more

Multi-Platform Contextualization and Syndication

Seamlessly distribute enriched product content to multiple e-commerce platforms, marketplaces, and channels
Adapt product information to meet the specific requirements of each platform while adhering to your brand guidelines and taxonomy rules
Maintain brand consistency and optimize product visibility across all touchpoints

The first connected product experience platform. Your personalised product suite.​

An AI-native product data solution designed for modern commerce
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Convert offline data into machine-ready formats and fill in data gaps automatically​.
Top use cases
Smart importer
Data enrichment
Bulk handling
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Product Information
Management (PIM)

Centrally manage all your product data in one place; any format, any language.
Top use cases
Digital asset management
Customizable attributes
Product taxonomy and categorization
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Content Generator

Create SEO-friendly marketing material optimized for channel- and geo-specific usage
Top use cases
SEO keyword finder
Channel-specific Product Description Creation
Automated Localization & Translation
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Curate products into living catalogs personalized for different buyer segments.
Top use cases
Customizable and up-to-date content
Easily shareable
Manage what info is visible to who

While our modules excel individually, their true power emerges when combined.

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No more missing, duplicated, inaccurate or low-quality product information.

With the power of AI, our solution automatically completes the empty data fields and generates compelling product content.

Built to make businesses efficient

Trustana benefits all kinds of companies that want to build a connected product experience with their trade partners, no matter their size.
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List and sell a wide range of products easily across multiple sales channels.
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Seamlessly manage all your suppliers and products for better buying experience.
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Brand Owners

Gain control over your brand’s presence and image on various channels via a digital storefront.
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E-commerce Platforms

Seamlessly work with brands to onboard and contextualize their product info into your systems.

Some of our happy customers

Customers are transforming their businesses with Trustana

"Product content can be laborious and it is also an extremely boring mundane task. The Trustana solution simplifies the product onboarding, content generation and translation for our e-commerce site. Excellent productivity solution in an industry with tight labour market."

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"Trustana enriched our A+ Premium content for Amazon using their platform within a week. While we had content which was created for the local platforms, it was not customized and enriched to Amazon platform requirements. Trustana’s AI powered solution was able to generate A+ content using our existing assets and helped to compete our product attribute details to improve the product listings. This has saved us countless hours and increased our conversion rates significantly."

"Trustana catalog has truly revolutionized our experience. It allows us to effortlessly add products, swiftly, update details, and instantly share them with our target customers with just one click. Not only does this make it convenient for us, but it also saves us valuable time for design."

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What is the Return of Investment (ROI) of using Trustana solution?
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Think about it: complete and awesome product information that wows customers, happy shoppers who find all the information they need and can buy easily, and a team working like a well-oiled machine.  

And the best part?
You see results in two ways:
More cash in your pocket: Fewer mistakes, returns, and more sales mean a fatter bottom line.
Smiling customers, happy you: Impress them with top-notch product data, efficiency, and productivity.

Trustana solution isn't just a tool, it's a superpower for your business!
Who benefits from using Trustana solution?
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We offer advantages for everyone on your team:

E-commerce Team: With up-to-date product data, you can have more conversions, streamlined teamwork and better product descriptions, which can help improve the online shopping experience.

Marketing Team: Enable faster product marketing and campaign launch with richer content and complete product descriptions.  

Sales Team: Keep up with customer demands with faster launches and compelling product information, which can reduce return rates and boost brand loyalty.

IT Team: Come across greater data control with less manual work, easy integration and robust infrastructure.
Can I integrate Trustana solution with my systems?
Yes, no data silos is our end goal! Trustana Connect smoothly connects to your existing systems such as web shops, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, marketplace integrators; and even adapts to custom needs through its open API.

We are actively developing Trustana Connect, slated for release in 2024. This innovative tool will empower you to unlock even greater efficiency and productivity.
How can users collaborate in managing product information?
Trustana fosters a collaborative environment where users can work together seamlessly on product data. As an admin, you can assign specific user roles to team members based on their expertise and responsibilities.

Whether you have a small team or a large one, permission rules can be tailored to specific groups or individuals, ensuring everyone has the right level of access and control.
Apart from that, you can also contact our Support Team.