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Sell better, operate smoother with Trustana

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How Brand Owners & Manufacturers can use Trustana

No more outdated & incomplete product info

Use Trustana as your one source of truth for product information
Upload, edit and manage thousands of SKUs
Collaborate with different teams on updates to products (ie. prices, descriptions, sizes etc)
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Save hours when creating product catalogs

Generate a downloadable digital catalog with a selected subset of products from your full product list
Share the e-catalog with your business partners - this automatically stays up to date when you make changes
View all product data directly from the e-catalog, making it accessible to who you want to share

Increase revenue with cross-border selling

Centralize your critical compliance documentation e.g. Manufacturing licenses, HACCP certification etc.
Share verified trade documents, product data and more with overseas business partners
Receive orders online through custom RFQ management
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