For Brand Owners

Gain control over your brand’s presence on various channels

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Do you know 71% of consumers click buy when the product description is in high quality?

Gone are the days of simply having a great product at a great price. In today's hyper-connected, globalized world, brand owners must become e-commerce experts. Over 20% of retail spending happens online, and savvy consumers can find and buy anything, anytime, anywhere. Complete the picture and support your teams with automated and smart data management, powered by Trustana Product Suite.

Turn scattered product data into sales

Reduce manual work and time-to-market

Connect to every channel your customers exist on

Turn scattered product data into sales with a central hub

Centrally manage all your product data in one place; any format, any language
Fill in missing product data data and content in minutes through AI
Enable all team members to collaboratively manage, enrich and distribute product data faster

Reduce manual work and time-to-market

Generate up-to-date and shareable digital catalogs in minutes, tailored to specific target segments, in your desired format and language
Say goodbye to manual translation and easily adapt content to specific regions and market preference
Create channel-specific marketing & SEO-friendly contents

Connect to every channel your customers shop

Seamlessly integrate with your existing marketplaces, ecommerce platforms, sales channels
Ensure consistent and accurate distribution of your product data across all sales channels, with just a few clicks