For E-commerce Platforms

Simplify multi-brand management and grow your business at scale

Designed to automate and speed up supplier and product data onboarding, ensure your clients access to up-to-date and reliable information

Manage multiple brands’ products and increase sales by selling on more channels with one connection.

eCommerce enablers always deal with multiple brands and thousands of products, each with their own assortment of attributes that are changing rapidly. Are your well equipped to adapt to the rapid changes and improve customer shopping experience? Complete the picture and support your teams with automated and smart data management, powered by Trustana Product Suite.

Simplify multi-store multi-brand management

Onboard and manage product data with ease

Expand your business with ready integrations

Simplify multi-store multi-brand management

Oversee product listings, digital content and pricing across all your sales channels at one single place
Act as your central source of truth for all your product information

Onboard and manage product data with ease

Complete customer and product data onboarding in minutes through through AI and smart mapping
Ensure consistent and accurate distribution of your product data across all sales channels

Expand your business with better content and ready integrations

Enrich the mandatory and custom product attributes with AI
Say goodbye to manual translation and easily adapt content to specific regions and market preference
Use our ready-made integrations to easily connect your existing ERP, ecommerce platform, sales channels to Trustana portal