For Distributors

Your solution of choice to manage product information

Sell faster and improve productivity with Trustana

woman on a mock up showing graphs for product management solutions for Trustana distributors

How Distributors can use Trustana

Say goodbye to scattered & missing product information

Use Trustana as your one source of truth for product information
Consolidate and update the latest products from all your suppliers
Store sales and marketing photos and videos in one place
dashboard overview of creating a product for distributors with Trustana
distributors dashboard overview for Turstana

Quickly close deals with personalised product catalogs

Generate a customizable digital catalog with a selected subset of products from your full product list
Send your business partners only products they requested for
View all product details directly in the e-catalog which automatically updates when you make changes

Reduce your time-to-market and boost sales

Move buyer interactions online to improve conversion
Publish accurate product information to your website or e-commerce stores​
Meet ever changing data formatting requirements from marketplaces
dashboard overview showing how to connect to Amazing, Shopify and others with Trustana