Unlock Multi-Channel Success: 1-Click Connectivity & Optimization

Boost conversion, broaden your reach, and optimize your product info for every sales channel with Trustana Connect.
Published on
February 6, 2024

Frustrated by having to create, manage, and adjust thousands of products across a multitude of digital channels? Boost conversion, broaden your reach, and optimize your product info for every sales channel with Trustana Connect. This pivotal platform function transforms how businesses approach multi-channel e-commerce, making the process more efficient, accurate, and scalable than ever before.

Unlock Your Multi-Channel E-commerce Success: Be Everywhere Your Customers Shop

As a retailer or brand, you have to be selling where your customers are shopping. That means managing multiple sales channels. Struggling with unwieldy spreadsheets and juggling thousands of products? Streamline your operations and make sure the sales channels are working for YOU, not the other way around!  

Generate Channel-Specific Product Profiles That Sell (On Each Platform!)

We don't just do generic. We help you craft tailored product content (including descriptions, search keywords, smart titles, and more!) for Shopee, Lazada, and beyond, connecting you with customers wherever they shop. You can go multi-channel effortlessly and boost sales with optimized product content for every platform.

No More Missing and Inconsistent Product Data Across Channels

We ensure your product data is accurate and complete, including factual attributes like country of origin, net weight and ingredients, and marketing content like SEO-optimized keywords. Our solution fills in the empty data fields and standardizes your content, ensuring your product data consistency across sales channels.  

Want to experience the magic? Simply share your product details and try it for FREE at www.trustana.com.

Connect with your Sales Channels in Minutes

Get your products live faster on your online storefronts or e-commerce platforms (such as Shopee, Lazada, Shopify and WooCommerce) without manual mapping and formatting.

Sell Across Different Geographies Effortlessly

Select the right country and currency for each channel to ensure accurate pricing for your global audience.

Trustana Connect is perfect for:

  • Newbies getting started on a sales channel: Import and enrich your product data, connect it to the channel, and you're off to the races!
  • Seasoned sellers looking to optimize their sales: Transform your products in Trustana and watch your conversion numbers rise.
  • Data masters managing multiple sources: Trustana handles it all, no matter where your product information comes from, any format, any language.

For Our Existing Customers: What's New?

If you've already been using Trustana solution, you're in for a treat.  
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