Smart Product Importing is Live! ⚡ Create and Update Hundreds of SKUs in Minutes

A smooth, effortless way to onboard and update large quantities of SKUs in one go.
Published on
August 17, 2023

Handling large numbers of SKUs has always been complicated - Trustana's market research efforts revealed that Distributors and Retailers with more than 250 SKUs require a complex, manpower-heavy organisation to manage their product information. Onboarding new products or updating existing product information becomes exponentially more challenging once the SKU count exceeds 500.

One of the main problems is that product data is scattered across multiple systems - including spreadsheets, cloud storage services, and even multiple physical hard drives. Consolidating and integrating this information in a single source of truth is a daunting task.  

Moreover, most IT systems' data import process is complicated and strict, often requiring the user to transform their information into an unforgiving "template". This approach puts the burden onto the user for the sake of technical simplicity – and is the opposite of “user-friendly”!

Our Approach to Data Onboarding

Smart, Easy, AI-Driven, Thorough

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At Trustana, we are committed to ensuring our technology enhances efficiency without imposing undue complexity. The essence of our system is its capability to simplify tasks.

Our Smart Product Importing feature includes:

  • Smart Header Recognition: Efficiently identifies headers within CSV/XLS files, irrespective of their formatting.
  • AI-Driven Field Mapping: Accurately matches data against an extensive library of product attribute labels.
  • Guided Issue Resolution: Offers potential solutions for discrepancies, without impeding the user’s current task.
  • Data Normalisation: Facilitates the transformation of product data, allowing integration with other subsystems using a clean and comprehensive CSV format.

Use Cases

  • New Supplier Onboarding
    Seamlessly onboard new suppliers. Regardless of the format of incoming Excel sheets, our system matches the received data to your established product schema. Create new fields on the go as needed!

  • Bulk Product Handling
    Whether it's adjusting various data points like pricing, descriptions, inventory, or managing numerous SKUs, our system simplifies the process, leading to enhanced productivity. It's time to understand the true value and manpower impact of simplifying the user experience.

  • Daily Updates
    Daily data updates become efficient. Extract a CSV, make necessary adjustments, and reintegrate into Trustana – we make sure that any changes are updated throughout your systems. Such an approach ensures that inventory data remains current, all within a short span of time.

Learn More: Visit our Help Center to learn more about the tool and how to master it.