One Product Platform: 50+ New Features, Infinite Possibilities

Trustana's centralized product platform helps brands and retailers efficiently onboard, manage and enrich products across online and offline channels.
Published on
June 21, 2023
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A Game-Changer in a Changing Economy

Today’s economy has resulted in new consumption dynamics – higher interest rates lead to reduced purchasing power, and customers are increasingly re-prioritizing their monthly expenditures. At the same time, brands and retailers face higher operating costs and uncertain supply chains.  

In this environment, brands and retailers must offer customers the right products on the right channels. Companies that fail to provide the right product information or adopt new channels may forfeit sales to agile competitors.  

That’s where Trustana’s unified product platform comes in. We serve as your centralized product hub, enabling you to onboard new products quickly and enrich and manage products across online and offline channels. We’ll help you exceed customer expectations, boost conversion to sales, and increase overall productivity.

Superior Product Experiences for Your Customers

All-In-One Product Info

Designed to catch the buyer’s eye – we help you assemble detailed descriptions and brand stories, rich visuals, nitty-gritty ingredients or materials, reviews, awards, labels... we could go on! Everything you need and more in one place.

AI-Powered Product Platform

We’re technology experts who know commerce. We harness AI into our commerce tools, automating content enrichment, translations, documentation, and more so that you can stay ahead of the competition.

Meet Customers Where They Buy

Everyone shops in different ways – from online delivery to in-person collections, from Tiktok Shop to GrabFood. Let Trustana help you ensure that your products are in all of the places where customers are buying.

Onboard New Products in a Flash

Stay relevant by selling the most in-demand products. We can help you bring onboard new suppliers in half the time. Need advice? Reach out to Trustana today to speak with one of our sourcing or compliance experts.

Better Together – Network and Expertise

Reliable, high-quality trade partners make a huge difference in this industry. That’s why we have formalized our buyer network to help retailers discover the next bestseller. We strive to support your business to grow to new heights, and we are happy to share our insights & expertise in international trade, compliance, sourcing, and more. Whether you are an experienced retailer or the next award-winning brand, we offer you best practices and innovative solutions.

We heard your feedback – and we’re releasing over 50 new and improved features

  • Product Information Management: One source of truth for all your product data
  • Digital Asset Management: Centralized storage for all digital assets related to product information.
  • AI Product Descriptions: Create product descriptions that drive conversions and increase sales.
  • Data Import Wizard: Guide to simplify data import from various sources.
  • Intelligent Bulk Editing: Bulk edit product information with minimal effort and high precision.
  • AI Content Enrichment: Enrich product information with accurate details and engaging content.
  • Custom Attributes: Add unique product attributes to cater to specific needs.
  • Template Library: Wide range of pre-built templates for quick data formatting
  • Multi-Currency: Support multiple currencies for B2B customers operating in different regions.
  • Variant Management: Effortlessly manage product variants such as sizes, colors, and configurations.
  • Smart Data Mapping: Smart mapping of data fields to standardize imported product information.
  • Rich Company Profile: Build trust with a reliable company profile showcasing your brand's credibility and expertise.
  • B2B Storefront: Present products on your dedicated B2B online store.
  • RFQ Management: Streamline RFQ processes and track quotes for new and existing customers.
  • Account-Specific Catalogs: Create custom catalogs tailored to specific customer accounts or groups.
  • Pricing Tiers: Offer tiered or custom pricing tailored to specific customer accounts.
  • Advanced User Management: Effortlessly manage user accounts, roles, and permissions within the system.
  • Account Management and User Roles: Hierarchical access and roles for different users within an organization.
  • Collaborative Interface: Intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface for effortless product management.
  • Audit Trail: Full visibility of data changes for better control and compliance.
  • Data Export Options: Multiple flexible data export formats for different platforms and ERPs.
  • Product Information Sheets: Generate professional product information sheets for sales teams and distributors.
  • Product Feeds: Generate data feeds for syndication to shopping channels.
  • Catalogs: Generate print-ready and PDF catalogs for offline marketing purposes.
  • Scalable Architecture: Handle growing data volume without sacrificing performance.
  • Cloud Storage: Safe, accessible and scalable data storage for product information.
  • Open API: Effortlessly integrate and extend our platform's capabilities.
  • Data Protection: Robust security measures to protect sensitive product data.

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