Instantly Create Compelling Product Content for Your Ecommerce Site

With Trustana, you can create and maintain SEO-friendly content suitable for multiple channels in few clicks.
Published on
September 28, 2023

In today’s fast-paced buying economy, creating compelling product pages for your ecommerce site and marketplaces can be a time-consuming and challenging task. We understand the importance of high-quality product information to engage and convert customers. That's why we are thrilled to introduce our latest feature - Enrichment. 

Designed to empower businesses like yours with the power of artificial intelligence, we aim to improve the quality of your product descriptions while requiring minimal input and effort from you and your team.  


What can you do with Trustana’s Enrichment? 

Our solution employs natural language processing and optical character recognition algorithms to analyze your product data and generate compelling product descriptions. Simply provide product name and product image/s, and our solution takes care of the rest, suggesting content and crafting descriptions that captivate your audience. 

Boost conversions with channel-specific marketing & SEO-friendly contents 

Creating channel-specific content is a must for strategic marketing, as it allows you to tailor your message, format, tone and values to different audiences and sales channels, like physical stores, ecommerce websites and marketplaces. However, it can be challenging to not only generate but also manage multiple content versions, each optimized for each platform or channel.  

With Trustana, you can create and maintain SEO-friendly content suitable for multiple channels in few clicks. This ensures that your customers will always encounter the highest quality product information when shopping for your products, leading to higher conversion.  

Here are sample product descriptions of instant noodle, generated by Trustana. As you can see, Trustana has generated product descriptions tailored to each channel’s best practices.  

Enrichment_Instant Noodle_Eng


Whether you have hundreds or thousands of SKUs, we’ve got you covered 

We know that the more products your business handles, the more complicated it is to handle all the product information. Trustana is designed with performance and scale in mind. Our batch handling capability allows you to enrich as many products as you want – click “start” to kick-off the process, and we’ll notify you in your portal and by email when the job is done.  


Ready to see Trustana’s Product Enrichment in action?  

Enrichment is currently live and available to all Trustana Professional customers.  

Not yet a Professional customer? Book a demo with our experts today.