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What is a PIM solution?
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A PIM platform serves as a single source of truth for all product-related information, as well as media, documents, and other data. It centralizes and manages product data across all channels and eliminates the risks of errors resulting from using multiple spreadsheets.  

Trustana product master is a cloud native powerful PIM solution that offers even more functionalities, such as professional catalog creation, data distribution, and collaboration with others. With Trustana product master, you can easily enrich their product data, improve its quality, and automate the process of distributing it to various sales channels. It also allows collaboration between different departments within a company, reducing the time and effort it takes to manage and maintain product data.
Why use PIM solution?
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High quality product information is critical to driving top-line and building relationships with retailers, However, companies globally struggle to maintain accurate and complete SKU information. Managing product information across multiple channels can be complex and time-consuming, This is where Product Information Management (PIM) comes into the picture.  

PIM platforms provide you with an efficient and accurate way to manage product information, which can help to ensure customer satisfaction, increase efficiency, and drive revenue growth
What is the purpose of Beta version? (When do you plan to launch an Official version? How long is the Beta period?)
The purpose of our beta version is to gather feedback from a select group of users who can test our tool before its official release. This feedback is incredibly valuable to us, as it helps us identify any issues and make improvements to the tool. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible experience and help you unlock business growth.
Can I get started for free?
Yes, you can definitely get started with our solution for free. We offer a free trial plan that allows you to experience the essential features of our PIM system without any cost. To learn more about our different plans and pricing options, please reach out to our sales team
How do the plans work?
Trustana offers a variety of plans to cater to businesses of all sizes and requirements. Each plan comes with a specific set of features and capabilities, ranging from essential  functionalities to more advanced, enterprise-level solutions. Typically, the plans are tiered, with higher-priced plans offering more advanced features and increased storage or data capabilities. If you need more information about the plans or need help deciding which plan is right for your business, our sales team would be happy to assist you.
What is the buy now, pay later option?
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How can I participate the Beta?
Please sign up for Beta account via the sign up form: or reach out to our Customer Success team at support@trustana.com  

Kindly note that Beta version is totally free of charge.
Can I deactivate my account if I do not like it? Then what would happen to my data?
Yes, you can deactivate your account any time if you do not like it. Please contact our customer support at support@trustana.com and we will assist you with it.  

Upon deactivation, your account will become inaccessible. It is important to note that deactivation does not automatically result in the deletion of your data.

We will retain your data in our system for a specified period, should you choose to reactivate your account later. If you prefer to have your data entirely erased, please inform us, and we will take the necessary steps.  
Do I need a developer to help me get started with Trustana Data Master?
No, a developer is not required to use Trustana Product master. The interface is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, enabling anyone to use it without requiring specialized technical skills or assistance.  

Please visit our help center for comprehensive step by step user guides via Help Center
Where is my data stored and what technology does Trustana Data Master run on?
In our commitment to protecting your data, we utilise AWS's robust security standards. They employ encryption, strict access controls, regular data backups, and continuous security updates. Adhering to international and industry-specific security standards, we ensure best practices in all of our services.
How do you protect my data?
In our commitment to protecting your data, we utilize AWS's robust security standards. They employ encryption, strict access controls, regular data backups, and continuous security updates. Adhering to international and industry-specific security standards, we ensure best practices in all our services.
Apart from that, you can also contact our Support Team.