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Wulong high mountain tea 'Shuangfeng Shihua(Stone flower)' superfine grade

FOB price (Negotiable)

SGD 95.70

/ set

Min. order

10 sets

Production lead time*

shipment within 7days after payment


Samples available

Additional information

Product description

Shuangfeng stone flower is named after a special shaped stone mountain with an altitude of 1300 meters in the park. Its raw material is a bud and a leaf, with bright color, tea fragrance, beautiful leaves and natural orchid fragrance. In September 2020, "Shuangfeng Zhizun" won the title of Chongqing's fifth "top ten famous teas" and the Gold medal of Chongqing's 13th "Three Gorges Cup".

Product details

net weight 130g per set

City, country of origin

Chongqing China



Storage conditions & shelf life

cool and dry

Product certificates & testing reports

Not provided

Business Terms

Accepted delivery terms

Not provided

Nearest port

Not provided

Accepted payment currency

Not provided

Accepted payment type

Not provided

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