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SPICY Bean Curd Seasoning

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shipment within 7days after payment


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Product description

Sichuan hot pots are perhaps the most famous hotpots in the world, most notably the Yuan Yang Hot pot half spicy and half clear. Usually, there is a metal hot pot in the middle of table. When the soup in the pot is kept simmering, dishes are put into the pot. Beef, Mutton, Fish and vegetables are the main dishes. It is extremely popular in winter because it can keep the dishes warm all the time. And the atmosphere is hot, too. Friends or relatives sit down together to have a feast. It's a good way to relax.

Product details


City, country of origin

Sichuan, China

Supply ability

5000ctn/ month

Storage conditions & shelf life

cool and dry, 15months

Packaging options & description

230g*30bags/ctn, 5,85kg/ctn

Product certificates & testing reports

Not provided

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Accepted delivery terms

Not provided

Nearest port

Not provided

Accepted payment currency

Not provided

Accepted payment type

Not provided

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