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Preserved Vegetable Core(Diced) with Brine

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Shipped in 7 days after payment


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Sichuan Zhacai is a type of pickled mustard plant stem originating from Sichuan, China. The taste is a combination of spicy, sour, and salty, while the aroma is similar to sauerkraut with hot chili paste. zhaccai is used in many of the various cuisines of China - for example as an "authentic" component of Sichuan Dan dan noodles, in soups made with ground pork and mifen, or as a condiment for rice congee.

Product details


City, country of origin

Sichuan China



Supply ability


Storage conditions & shelf life

cool and dry, 15months

Packaging options & description

55g*60bags/ctn, 4.3kg/ctn

Product certificates & testing reports

Not provided

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Not provided

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Not provided

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Not provided

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Not provided

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