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Hot Spicy Gluten in Sweet Spicy block(Tianla kuai) color package

FOB price (Negotiable)


Min. order


Production lead time*

20 days


Additional information

Product description

For most people, spicy bar means the taste of childhood, which represents a kind of memory and feelings. In the view of the brand team of La Kexi Xi, spicy bar is a kind of snack that conveys culture and delicious food. It represents a kind of inheritance, a kind of characteristics and the profound nature of food. Lakexi is responsible for inheriting this childhood flavor and endowing it with new ideas and standards through the upsurge of the times. Rich product architecture to meet diverse needs.

Product details

125g/bag 60bag/carton

City, country of origin

Hunan China


Flour and edible oil

Supply ability

5000 carton/week

Storage conditions & shelf life

cool and dry 120day

Packaging options & description


Product certificates & testing reports

Not provided

Business Terms

Accepted delivery terms

Not provided

Nearest port

Not provided

Accepted payment currency

Not provided

Accepted payment type

Not provided

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