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HACCP White Chinese Ya Pears

FOB price (Negotiable)


Min. order

10 mTon

Production lead time*

10 Days after deposit


Samples available

Additional information

Product description

The Ya pear is also known as the Chinese White Pear and is native to northern China where it is widely grown. Other name:Chinese pear, Japanese pear, Sand, Nashi, and apple pear. Fresh Ya pear gets name from its duck-head like shape. Ya pear is growing in paper bagged mostly and in yellow or white color, heaving yellowish to brown fruit dot around stem. The pulp is crystal white and has sweet to sour taste, it is delicate and crisp.

Product details

20/24/28# for 5kg Carton 40/44/48# for 10kg Carton 96# for 17kg Carton 72/80 for 18kg Carton

City, country of origin

Hebei Province,China



Supply ability

6000 Metric Ton per Year

Storage conditions & shelf life

Supply Season August to next April.

Packaging options & description

5kg, 10kg, 17.5kg,18kg Carton

Product certificates & testing reports

Not provided

Business Terms

Accepted delivery terms

Not provided

Nearest port

Not provided

Accepted payment currency

Not provided

Accepted payment type

Not provided

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