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Ginseng root

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100 kg

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Product name: Dry Ginseng,Panax ginseng ,Ginseng Root,Panax ginseng C. A. Meyer.Low pesticide High quality Ginseng root Specification: white and Red ( whole ,rootlets,slice,chips and powder) Original place:JlLin,China Functions 1.Ginseng can regulate the central nervous system stimulant and inhibition processes balance. 2.ginseng on cerebral blood flow and cerebral energy metabolism are also significantly affected. Improve the body's adaptability 3 .ginseng can change the body's reactivity 4.on a variety of animals in the heart of ginseng are suppressed after the first excitement, some excitement, a large number of inhibitory effect. Ginseng has a protective effect on the myocardium. 5. Lipid-lowering and anti-atherosclerotic effects: 6 .anti-shock effect 7 .anti-tumor effect

City, country of origin

Jilin, China

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