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[Fangjiapuzi] Ju Hong Paste 300g/box

FOB price (Negotiable)


Min. order


Production lead time*

10-20 days


Additional information

Product description

Founded in 1906, Fangjiapuzi is a century-old shop focusing on providing additive-free and nourishing food ingredients. Fangjiapuzi offers more than 550 product types, including dried foods, grains, oils, noodles and healthy tonics produced in northern and southern China, showcasing its commitment to provide natural, additive-free and high-quality ingredients to Chinese families.

Product details

300g per box

City, country of origin



Ju Hong paste

Supply ability


Storage conditions & shelf life

cool & dry 12months

Packaging options & description

30 per carton

Product certificates & testing reports

Not provided

Business Terms

Accepted delivery terms

Not provided

Nearest port

Not provided

Accepted payment currency

Not provided

Accepted payment type

Not provided

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