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Chinese Angelica slice

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English Name: Chinese Angelica Chinese Name: Dong Quai(Danggui) Latin Name: Angelica Sinensis, Radix Angelicae Sinensis Specification : Slice: Length 4.5-12cm ,Width:1.5-2.0cm Whole(with tail): Length:15-25cm Whole(without tail): Length:5-10cm Powder: 80-120mesh Cut: 5mesh 10 mesh ,20mesh Applications: Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Dietary Supplement Function: 1) Providing energy, vitality, resistance to disease. 2) Curing heart-throb, megrim and injuries from falls and also enriching the blood. 3) Treating anemia, boils, venous problems, headaches, low im-munity, and problems of peripheral blood flow. 4) A blood tonic, promoting its production and circulation. 5) Regulating female hormones, in the treatment of most menstrual and menopausal problems and in pregnancy and delivery. 6) Preventing spasms, relaxing vessels, and reducing blood clotting in peripheral vessels.

City, country of origin

Gansu Neimeng China


Ligustilide , Polysaccharides

Storage conditions & shelf life

Keep in cool & dry place

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Carton or Plastic bag

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