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Cassia seed

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Cassia is an annual half shrubby herb; Cassia yellow flowers, pods slender, quadrangular; Cassia plant smaller, shorter pods. It has its eyes and the power and the name of. Cassia bitter, sweet, salty, slightly cold, hepatic, kidney, large intestine; Cassia laxative, lowering eyesight, treatment of constipation and high cholesterol, high blood pressure. Liver eyesight, diuresis laxative, laxative effect, lowering blood pressure and blood cholesterol. Function: 1)Cleaning heat & improving eyesight 2) Healing red eyes with astringent pain, photophobia and tear, not seeing clearly 3)Healing headache and dizziness 4)Healing constipation and Laxative Application: 1. Nutritional supplements; 2. Health food products; 3. Beverages; 4. Pharmaceutical products; 5. Skin Care Materials

Product details

Brown fine powder

City, country of origin

Jiangsu, China


2% 4% Total Anthraquinone / Emodin Extract Ratio :4:1 10:1

Storage conditions & shelf life

24 Months under the conditions above and in its original packaging. Keep in cool & dry place. Keep away from strong light and heat.

Packaging options & description

1. 1kg/Aluminium foil bag, Inside: two plastic bags 2. 25kg/fiber drum, Inside.: two plastic bags .Size: ID35cm×H51cm, 0.08m3/Drum; Gross Weight: 28kg.

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