How Kettle Gourmet successfully entered the China market in just 3 months

How Kettle Gourmet successfully entered the China market in just 3 months

Company Background

Kettle Gourmet was inspired by a memory in the cinema – when a strong fragrance of nasi lemak (coconut rice dish) wafted into the theatre while founder Zac was snacking on his popcorn. He kept thinking about how well the two items would taste together. Hence, as a passion project in 2017, Zac decided to try infusing localised Singaporean flavours into hand-baked popcorn.

Kettle Gourmet now serves thousands of satisfied customers daily and prides themselves in their unique flavoured popcorn that is non-GMO, halal, freshly baked with quality ingredients and has zero trans-fat.

Business Results

Opened new export market in China
Reduced average export timeline
Successful listings in 3 big importer supermarkets


Kettle Gourmet had prior export experience but was unable to find a consistent distribution channel. They had only dealt with one-off sales which required a lot of manual work and follow-ups from their end – this did not result in long-term working relationships with these buyers.

They also wanted to explore opportunities in larger markets such as China but could not find a reliable & trusted partner to work with. They needed support in navigating the import & export regulatory requirements, receiving orders & payment on time, and finally the shipping & fulfilment of goods from Singapore to China.

This is a complicated and lengthy process – which was an impediment for Zac and his team whilst they are growing their business internationally.


Through Trustana’s end-to-end service, the team managed to successfully export into China, 2 months ahead of schedule. Kettle Gourmet is now listed in 3 major importer supermarkets in China.

Given the complexity of entering a new market, Trustana’s experts provided a suite of service which included:

  • Licence registration
  • Compliance checks
  • Product label translation
  • Sales & distribution

This sped up the entire import & export process, allowing Kettle Gourmet to start selling their products in China. With Trustana’s online marketplace, Kettle Gourmet was able to quickly attract verified buyers and secure sales. Now, they are in the process of replicating this success in another Asian market by working with Trustana.

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